How to choose a men’s bathrobe

In this article, we will rely on our sales statistics for men’s bathrobes (we are the online store of bathrobes «Minutes of Comfort»). We deliberately do not want to write in the style: third person with teachings «how to choose a men’s bathrobe«. Only our experience and the experience of our clients.

selection of menswear

I would like to note right away that contrary to the opinion of some that men are less demanding in the choice of clothes, our customers are very careful in choosing a dressing gown. And if women are more guided by emotions and choose according to “beauty”, then men rely on the quality, fame of the manufacturer, solid appearance. Therefore, expensive bathrobes from well-known brands are in high demand.

In addition, men’s dressing gowns are often bought as a gift for men, so we will try to convey the basic principles of choosing a men’s dressing gown to women.

Appointment of a bathrobe

If you analyze why they want to buy terry men’s bathrobes, then you can create some classification by types of men’s bathrobes:

    • Warm terry bathrobes. These are warm, comfortable and pleasant dressing gowns for wearing at home in the cold season. Such models in quantitative terms are the most popular among our customers. The main requirements for such bathrobes are a warm and comfortable material for everyday use. These are models in the style: “I came home from work in the evening, wrapped myself in a dressing gown and on the sofa, watching my favorite movie.”
    • Bathrobes for daily use all year round. This is a less popular type of dressing gowns. As a rule, such dressing gowns are bought either as a gift, or by true connoisseurs of this type of home clothing. Basic requirements: solid appearance, convenience in daily use. These are models in the style: “guests came unexpectedly, and it’s not a shame to meet them in such a dressing gown.”
    • Terry bathrobes for baths, pools, showers. This is the second most popular type of dressing gowns. Such models are bought for visiting a bath, sauna, swimming pool, playing sports, as well as for home use after a shower or bath. The main requirements for such models: good ability to absorb moisture, natural materials. These are models in the style: “I left the steam room in the bath and put on a bathrobe that absorbed all the moisture and allowed the body to cool down.”

    Tip 1: decide for what purpose you need a bathrobe.

    So, you have decided what you need a bathrobe for, now let’s move on to the choice.

    Choice of a warm bathrobe

    If you need a dressing gown for home use during the cold season (including in the fall before the start of the heating season and in the spring after the end of the heating season) – your choice is a bathrobe made of microfiber. In more detail about the types of fabric and materials from which the dressing gowns are sewn, we wrote here — These are light, warm and fluffy robes, and also the cheapest. The only and very significant drawback of such bathrobes is that microfiber is a 100% synthetic material and is not able to absorb moisture. Those. it will not be possible to put it on a wet body after a bath or a bath, since the body will only continue to sweat, and moisture will not be absorbed. Men’s terry models in our store can be viewed here —

    choice of homemade warm men's bathrobe

    Choosing a homemade velor men’s dressing gown

    If you like to walk in a bathrobe constantly, all year round, then you should look at velor, satin and knitted models — These are bathrobes that can be worn all year round in any situation. Differences in price in such models are significant, since it depends on the manufacturer, the quality and composition of the material, and the popularity of the model. In this segment, buyers make a choice, as a rule, on the basis of external attractiveness and length (short or long).

    choice of men's dressing gown

    The choice of terry men’s bathrobe

    Terry men’s bathrobes (or as they are called bathrobes) are probably the most represented in the model assortment. And of course, if their price were the same as microfiber terry bathrobes, they would be leaders in sales. But still, natural cotton (or bamboo) is more expensive than synthetic microfiber and such models are also more expensive. But these are really very popular bathrobes, because they are bought as the most versatile: for home, for water procedures and for any occasion. Models of such dressing gowns you can see here —

    These bathrobes quickly absorb moisture, allow the body to breathe, warm and practical. Although, when compared with microfiber bathrobes, natural models are heavier in weight, less soft to the touch and less comfortable for home use. But all this is more than covered by their versatility.

    choice of terry men's bathrobe

    Continuing the touched topic about the versatility of the bathrobe, it should be noted that very often they try to combine different goals in one model. For example, buying a terry natural dressing gown, you can use it both as a bath and as a winter home. You can combine, but realizing that this will be a certain compromise.

    Make the right choice and you will always be satisfied! As do many of our clients.

    Sincerely, Minutes of Comfort store.

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