How I chose a romantic robe

Surely, for every bride choosing a wedding dress is a long and painful process. But to «think» about what to take with you on your post-wedding trip time is usually very short. I only set aside three days for this, and, frankly, by the end of the first, I was already starting to panic.

dressing gown for the bride

“How can you manage to buy everything you need in such a short time? And, most importantly, what do you need to take in order to decorate this holiday of love with the charm of coquetry, a trail of unforgettable impressions, many memorable minutes, the charm of sunrises and sunsets, whose name is not in vain associated with a sweet and fragrant delicacy — honey? in the head a swarm of those same bees that take care of honey.

Of course, for starters, I thought about underwear. A light romantic veil of lace and silk has never spoiled a honeymoon for anyone! Although … I wanted to see something else (well, let’s say those very memorable sunrises and sunsets), besides the huge Victorian bed that the pictures of the hotel catalog offered us so promisingly.

Because — I got the idea to buy a bathrobe. It is the dressing gown: soft to the touch, romantic, feminine, very beautiful and, at the same time, perfectly fitting on my figure. So that you can go out on the terrace with champagne, dance with your loved one in the light of the moon, and simply run to the sea to enjoy the pleasant coolness of the night wave.

And that’s when I first looked into online clothing store for home «Minutes of comfort». Somehow by accident. The cute clock of the logo caught my eye. And time was now the key word for me, on the eve of the honeymoon! And there … Many new, interesting, exclusive offers just for such a SPECIAL occasion, which is a honeymoon!

Thanks to a lucky coincidence (happy occasion, if you will!), I became the proud owner of not one, but three pretty robes! They fit perfectly in my special occasion and did not disappoint! I’ll tell you more about my purchase, and suddenly you, charming brides, going on a honeymoon trip, want to look here! So I bought:

1. Blue terry robe (by Nautic)

Nautic blue terry robe

Blue is perfect for my eye color. I absolutely love this color! Yes, and purely intuitively, like many of my other friends, I buy something blue for a trip to the sea. But I have never seen such a pure and bright blue color before! This robe looked like an incredible pearl shell in the sea! I immediately imagined myself in this azure blue, among cute ruffles and very romantic ribbons, as a real pearl — the greatest jewel, which, by a happy coincidence, has now fallen into the hands of my newly-made husband.

Plus, I was captivated by the texture of the fabric. In this dressing gown she is pure silk! Smooth, obedient… But, most importantly, this thing does not wrinkle! Simply super solution for a honeymoon trip! And the bathrobe has a hood (you can hide wet hair in it after a night swim in the sea). When I took this thing for the first time in my hands, I already knew where to wear it! A terry blue bathrobe has become my ideal companion on the way to my cherished romantic dream! Until now, the album contains a photo where my beloved and I are standing against the backdrop of the night sea …

2. Black knitted women’s dressing gown with red lace ruffle (Nautic)

Nautic dark light dressing gown

But I bought this bathrobe solely because I fell in love with it at first sight! Decided to wear it as a beach robe. He made my blood dance to the rhythm of passionate Spanish flamenco! Yes, and the combination of black and red (as a symbolism of the male and female principles) was most welcome, and for the occasion! However, in addition to the impeccable quality of the knitwear and the delightful look, I was captivated by some careless weightlessness and lightness in this dressing gown. And my husband saw in him the same thing as me! However, this did not stop him from hurrying to take it off on the very first evening of the honeymoon! Fortunately, he “holds” only on a thin belt! We then danced on the terrace, to the sweet rhythms of the 90s that sounded from somewhere below … Well, that’s a completely different story!

3. A set of red robe and tunic, in hearts (from Bella Secret)

Bella Secret pink set

But I already put this thing on in the morning, after our first honeymoon night together. It was my little surprise! A light set (dressing gown and shirt) made of cotton was full of crazy hearts, and such cute inscriptions that spoke so touchingly about my feeling! However, my beloved husband appreciated a completely different advantage of the set: its minimum length. The tunic so seductively emphasized the slenderness and length of my legs …

All in all, our honeymoon was fabulous! Of course, everything turned out thanks to our love for each other, the sea and the sun, and … «Cosiness minutes» with their amazing ideas!

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