Choosing a bathrobe for baths and saunas

How often do you go to the bath? How often do you allow yourself to plunge headlong into the heady and alluring pine aroma of a good Russian steam room, or intelligently inhale the juniper-vanilla fragrance of a luxurious European sauna with your whole chest? And what does this journey mean to you? An opportunity to relieve stress accumulated over weeks of exhausting work (with a birch broom, but on the back!)? An occasion to gather good friends over a cup of invigorating herbal tea (yes, with memories, but with gingerbread)? Or is it just a family tradition, indestructible for many generations?

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Whatever the reason, one fact remains the same: you put aside everything and go to the bath! And, of course, in the bathing tradition of your family (company, team) there are unchanging, beloved, venerated things that remember so many moments of a happy holiday! Anything can be among them: a turban, a bath cap, slippers or … a cozy dressing gown with a hood. Soft, obedient, understanding every desire, every movement of the body of his master after the steam room. Do you have one? If there is, congratulations! Having once bought such a dressing gown, you have found yourself a reliable “bath” friend for many years. If you are just going to the bathhouse, and you are still only dreaming about a bathrobe – use our tips and choose exactly the “native to your soul” thing in our store (robes Ukraine)!

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But before you get acquainted with the choice of our bathrobes, you must determine for yourself the purpose for which you buy it.

Do you need a bathrobe as warm clothes after a cooling bath? Or do you want to wear it directly to the steam room?
If you need a comfortable thing for a “after-bath” tea party, it is best to look for “your” bathrobe among the “terry” offer. Mahra perfectly absorbs moisture and at the same time gently and pleasantly warms your relaxed body after bathing procedures.
But if you decide to try to take a steam bath in a bathrobe (having tried one of the famous Arab traditions on yourself), it is better to stop at a thin and dense version of 100% natural fabric (cotton, bamboo, modal). Synthetics for a steam room are contraindicated!

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Bathrobe Selection Criteria

Here you go. Now you already know the mission, for the honorable fulfillment of which you are looking not just for inexpensive terry bathrobes, but for a reliable keeper of bathing human happiness. It remains to choose the perfect candidate! And, like any respectable commission, you must have a list of important virtues that this or that representative of the “neglect” family must comply with.

1. The ratio of brand and quality. Today, bathrobes (including bathrobes) are made by many companies. But we recommend entrusting your health and positive emotions from visiting the bath only to the best, proven brands with an impeccable reputation! As a rule, a well-known manufacturer values ​​its name and will not upset the buyer with frankly poor quality clothes.

Although, when buying a bathrobe even with a brand on the label, do your due diligence. First of all, make sure that the seams are even, that the threads do not stick out, that the fibers and loops are the same length (if we are talking about a terry bathrobe), if there is a hook for hanging the bathrobe in the bath. We recommend proven – Turkish robes.

2. The material from which the outfit for the bath is made. As we have already mentioned (and you yourself probably know about this), the bath will not tolerate synthetics. And at best, it will respond to it with allergies and skin rashes. At worst, burns. Since steam helps to open the pores of the skin, its intensive regeneration and perspiration, the material of the dressing gown must be friendly to these processes. That is – the ideal bathrobe for a bath should be sewn from 100% natural fabric that can breathe and echo the skin renewal procedure.

We’ll show you some of the best options.

Cotton Terry (100% uncut terry). For a bath, such a bathrobe is valuable because it has the highest rate of ability to absorb moisture and good density. In a bathrobe made of cotton terry, you will be warm and comfortable both after the bath (especially in winter), and easily during the procedures in the steam room.

Velor cotton. It differs from terry in that it is much thinner and softer to the touch. This effect was achieved by shortening the length of the cotton loops (combing and shaving). A velor bathrobe is really appreciated by lovers of comfort in the bath, as none of the existing materials can give a softer and velvety feeling of touching heated skin. However, velor has a minus. It absorbs moisture worse than terrycloth.

Bamboo. Bamboo (like cotton) is the standard fabric for a bathrobe. After all, cellulose bamboo fiber has unique properties, it is: bacteriostatic, deodorizing, breathable. In a bathrobe made of bamboo, you will quickly recover after a stressful cleansing procedure for the body in the bath, return it to a stable temperature regime.

Spa. A fairly new type of fabric, created specifically for bath comfort. The peculiarity of the spa bathrobes is that they are two-layered: the upper layer is bamboo microfiber, the lower one (which is in direct contact with the body) is terry cloth with a long pile. The unique advantage of such bath clothes is that they absorb moisture and light almost flawlessly, while remaining cozy, light and soft.

Modal. Also a novelty in the market of fabrics for bathrobes. The modal is made of wood, and therefore it is a very environmentally friendly material. Among the characteristics: high strength, breathability, softness.

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3. Bathrobe Style. Now that you have determined the manufacturer and material for yourself, you need to talk about the style of bathrobe suitable for the bath.

Full Length Bathrobes. That is, a long coat. You can wrap yourself in such a bathrobe from head to toe, it is very easy to warm up in it after the invigorating water of the cooling pool. Long bathrobes are absolutely indicated for visiting the bath in the cold season.
However, understanding the offers of long bathrobes, we advise you to pay more attention to the bathrobe of your size. Since the mismatch in size can level the length. For example, a short lady in an ill-conceived long dressing gown will sweep the floor with her hem, and a tall woman will look like she is wearing her child’s dressing gown.

Medium Length Bathrobes (to the middle of the calf). Perhaps the most versatile for a bath. Buying such a bathrobe, neither high nor low will fail. Yes, and the function of comfort and protection from the cold, such a bathrobe performs perfectly!

Short bathrobes (above the knees). A bathrobe of this style is the best clothes after a bath in the summer. And if you combine a short length with a breathable, thin (bamboo or cotton) fabric, we get the most comfortable option for a summer, after-bath evening in the company of good friends (or a loved one).

In addition to the length, when choosing the right thing, pay attention to the hood. As a rule, all dressing gowns intended for going to a bath or sauna are with a hood. The hood is practical (women with long hair will especially like it), protects the head from accidental drafts and helps to dry wet hair faster.

four. Robe color. Along with style and the other factors listed above, color is also important for a bathrobe. Moreover, it will not even be your taste or preference that will be decisive in his choice. When choosing a bathrobe in a bright, rich, unnatural tone, it is important to know if chemical dyes that are aggressive to your skin were used to color it. Such dressing gowns (as well as those made from synthetic fabric) are contraindicated in the bath! For a bath and a steam room, it is better to choose a white bathrobe, or clothes of other natural colors (peach, beige).

5. Bathrobe price. The last but very important factor in choosing a bathrobe. Remember that good quality cannot be cheap by definition. Therefore, if you are offered to buy a bathrobe inexpensively, think about it. How long will something like this last? After which washing will it turn into a shapeless piece of fabric with elongated loops? How soon will you have to throw it away and go for a new one?

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Do not save on those things whose calling is to become loved! They will serve you faithfully for many years and will be the faithful guardians of your bathing happiness! And yes, you will look amazing in them! And this feeling, believe me, can give self-confidence and wings to the most inconspicuous person in everyday life! In such a dressing gown you will feel relaxed, joyful, comfortable, you will enjoy life itself in general, and the bath in particular.

Now, knowing all the important criteria for choosing a bathrobe, feel free to open the page with our offer! In the online store of bathrobes you will find everything that will warm your body and heart in the bath, and help you acquire a storehouse of positive memories for many years to come in the form of the most comfortable bathrobe in the world!

By the way, if you are still in doubt, read the true story of one ardent lover of baths and his bathing experience.

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