Bathrobe as a gift

Choosing the right gift is a great art. And often it takes hours and even weeks to find the right thing for relatives, friends and loved ones. Moreover, such a search is not always crowned with the desired result – a long-awaited, valuable, necessary and beautiful gift that will please the addressee. And you really wanted to…


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People of different nationalities perceive the robe presented as a gift in different ways. For example, Arabs, Turks, Syrians, and indeed Muslims from different continents, consider it a great honor to receive such a gift. They have a robe – outerwear that protects them from the heat in the hot season.

Representatives of eastern peoples (Japanese, Chinese), as well as Indians, perceive the robe as a symbol of luxury and use it as clothing for all kinds of ceremonies and rituals. For example, in China there is a separate robe that is worn directly for the tea ceremony. And Indians do not enter the temple without changing their shoes into slippers and without putting on a robe for prayer.

So, if among your friends or acquaintances there are residents of the Celestial Empire or the Mediterranean, feel free to buy them a bathrobe as a gift! They will perceive your gift with due attention, respect and reverence.

As for fellow Slavs, it is not so easy for them to choose a bathrobe as a gift. There is even a whole, formed by many generations, etiquette.

“Robe” etiquette and signs

Who can not give a bathrobe

• It would be bad manners and a sign of absolute disrespect if you present a bathrobe to a higher official or just a boss.

• You can not give bathrobes and casual acquaintances or work colleagues. This may also be misunderstood. Which, in the end, will upset both you and the recipient of your gift.

• It is considered bad luck to give a gown to a person in the hospital. Superstitious people believe that such a gift will tie the patient to a hospital bed for a long time.

• Also, a man can ambiguously perceive a dressing gown presented by an unfamiliar woman, or just a girlfriend. After all, a bathrobe is subconsciously interpreted as a symbol of home comfort and common life. Namely, not all men and not always can be ready for such an invitation.

• In exactly the same way, a woman will accept a gift-robe from an unfamiliar friend. In this case, such a gift is considered rude and a vulgar hint, a sign of humiliation and disrespect.

nice wrapping robe

Who can give a bathrobe

• It is possible and necessary to give dressing gowns to close and beloved friends, with whom they have already gone through fire, water, and a bath with a sauna.

• At least once in your life you need to give a good, cozy, warm and fluffy bathrobe to your mother – as a token of love, care and unspoken gratitude before.

• You can give a dressing gown to your girlfriend or boyfriend (as a symbol of the transition of relations to a higher, intimate and spiritual level).

• You can give bathrobes in honor of birthdays and anniversaries to children, husbands and wives.

• On the wedding day, newlyweds can also be presented with a memorable set of identical dressing gowns for two.

Now – let’s say a few words about how you need to choose a bathrobe as a gift, so that it really takes the place of your favorite thing in the house, and so that the heart of the person you have gifted responds every time with a good memory of you as a giver.

• Never give a thing that you do not fit, or simply do not like. A bathrobe, like any clothing made from a “living” fabric, tends to retain negative or neutral emotions.

• Also, you can not go for a gift in a bad mood, with someone scandal and offended by someone. Subconsciously, the person to whom you give such a bathrobe will not want to wear it.

• Never bargain when buying a bathrobe as a gift. It is believed that the true value of the gift is erased during the bidding process.

When you have become aware of the main aesthetic and moral criteria for choosing a gift robe, you can also determine the “material” side of the issue.

What, for you personally, is the dominant factor in choosing a bathrobe gift?

Well, first of all, probably, the price. You choose a dressing gown that would correspond to the amount that you initially expect. And in a certain price range, you try to choose the perfect thing. So?

Secondly, you must look at the company that made the dressing gown, the quality of the material and seams. This is also very important for a gift.
Thirdly, you are trying to pick up a thing that matches your tastes, habits, and the image of the person you are going to gift formed in your eyes. However, before asking the seller, or entering all the listed selection criteria into the search bar, you must say the most important thing: for whom are you buying a gift? For a man, woman, child?


men's gift set

Beloved, husband, father, uncle, brother, childhood friend – any of the men close and dear to you will be very pleased to receive such a gift that warms the soul and body. True, if they are hypothetically not averse to wearing a bathrobe, and do not consider it a purely feminine item of clothing.

It will look very intimate if you, for example, prepare a fragrant bath for your beloved, after which you will meet him wrapped in a fluffy, terry bathrobe, or a microfiber bathrobe that absorbs moisture perfectly. Such a gift will help to keep both the precious warmth after bathing and the warmth of your care.

If your own man loves to go to the bath or sauna with friends, give him a bathrobe made of bamboo as a gift. There are legends about the strength and antiseptic properties of such a bathrobe, which, however, you will provide an opportunity for a loved one to check in action and in reality. You can also follow the current fashion tradition and give a reversible terry robe. Such a thing is valuable in the absence of open seams, which will protect the gift recipient from unpleasant rubbing.

Bamboo Men's Bathrobes

If a man who is not indifferent to you is an exquisite fashionista who knows a lot about good things, present him with a silk robe. Such a thing will not only emphasize his male attractiveness, make you feel like an eastern sultan, but will also elevate you a hundredfold in his eyes.

The most comfortable men’s dressing gowns are long models with a smell and a belt. As a rule, they are universal, and choosing the right size for such a dressing gown is very simple.

As for the color, then (if you don’t know the exact preferences of the recipient of the gift), stop at the typical male colors – brown, black, gray, dark blue, dark green, burgundy and other discreet, masculinely restrained tones.

A good addition to a bathrobe gift will be a matching bath towel, or soft room slippers. There will always be a use for such things in the house!


A women’s dressing gown differs from a man’s, first of all, in the sophistication and softness of the color scheme. For a young girl, it is best to buy a velvet rich peach, white or red dressing gown.

For a more mature woman, a dressing gown with a twist (with an unusual finish, a contrasting belt, or decorated with a bright floral print).

women's elegant dressing gown

If you decide to buy an inexpensive terry bathrobe, you should also take into account the type of activity and taste preferences. For housewives, for example, a practical bathrobe with a zipper in discreet tones would be the best choice, and for girls who love to travel, a good white bathrobe with an exclusive name patch.

Depending on the amount you plan to spend on a gift, choose the quality of the material. The most popular today are bathrobes made from natural fabrics (cotton, bamboo, modal). They perfectly absorb moisture after a bath or shower, create a soft, cozy effect, warm on long winter evenings.

For summer, exclusive short dressing gowns made of thin velor, viscose, waffle cotton are suitable as a gift. They perfectly pass air and allow the skin to breathe, automatically restoring the temperature regime that is comfortable for a person.
If you are planning to make a gift with erotic overtones to the lady of your heart, stop at natural silk. There is nothing sexier than a beloved woman in a silk robe!

women's silk robe


Have you ever seen children who do not like to swim? Probably all over the place. Usually, in the evening, a small child simply does not have the strength for a full, joyful bath. He starts freaking out and crying. And sometimes children are just afraid of water. You can accustom a child to a useful hygiene procedure without tears and with laughter by giving him a beautiful themed bathrobe, for example, with the ears of a brave lion cub or a fearless dragon!

dressing gown for baby

And you can emphasize fluffiness, softness and inspire a fairy tale to a child by giving a dressing gown with the image of a bunny or a kitten. A cozy evening with the whole family in such a dressing gown, the child will remember for a lifetime!

The only (and most important condition!) Children’s bathrobe must be made of natural material. The soft and sensitive skin of a child will not tolerate synthetics and will surely respond to your gift with allergies and prickly heat.

Well, having finally bought a bathrobe as a gift, do not forget to present it in an original way! For example, you can pronounce an accompanying poetic message of the following content:

Oh, our beloved hero of the day!
Accept from us a priceless gift:
No one will call negligent
You in an elegant robe!

Your gift will immediately be filled with the positive energy of the smiles of others! Well, what else do you need for a good continuation of the holiday? By the way, you can buy a bathrobe in Ukraine in the 60m store.