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Have you ever held a bamboo thing in your hands? However, a silly question… If yes, then this article would not have been opened! After all, anyone who at least once tried to put on something made of bamboo fabric would never have had a choice and would no doubt buy something else with the presence of bamboo fibers in the composition. Why? This is our conversation!

For starters, the view.

What picture does our rich imagination paint when we hear “made from bamboo”? Surely, a certain forest nymph, with a bone in her nose, wrapped in a disposable robe of hundreds of thousands of leaves of a tropical tree of life, will appear in front of a person who is not deprived of imagination.

bamboo dress

Beautiful, of course, but hardly any of the existing clothing stores in the Network will be able to offer you something like that! In fact, everything is much more interesting!

bamboo fiberClothes (including our favorite bathrobes) are sewn from fabric made from bamboo fiber obtained by mechanical crushing and chemical treatment (mainly caustic soda) of young (not older than 3-5 years old) bamboo stalks.

The soft cellulose fiber is combed out for a long time before being turned into a thread. It is thanks to this process that the basis for the future fabric is smooth, shiny, very similar to natural silk.

Well, then – make the fabric. And already from it – a long list of products that can satisfy any consumer demand and taste. Of the most popular, we will name: bed linen and towels, underwear and summer dresses, children’s clothes and tracksuits, socks and scarves. And, of course, the most comfortable in the world, house dressing gowns.

Why are bathrobes made of bamboo fabric so valued by the consumer?


1. Eco-friendly. And – the prefix “Eco” accompanies the whole process: from planting a young stem to packaging the finished product. And, to be completely honest, it is absolutely not difficult to establish such a production. After all, bamboo grows at an incredible rate (up to 36 cm per day), and is very resistant to pests (which means that it is not treated with pesticides, because there is no such need). And even hydrolysis with caustic soda is more or less friendly with nature.

2. Antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal. Under natural conditions, bamboo stems do not rot or decompose for a very long time. The reason for this phenomenon is resistance to pathogenic flora, which is also preserved by a thing made of bamboo fiber. Your bamboo robe will delight you with magic! After all, due to its natural features, it can repel the natural smell of the human body (which will surely please asthmatics), and is absolutely impermeable to dust mites (inspire allergy sufferers). And just recently, the inspection of the Japan Textile Association also confirmed that the bamboo bathrobe retains the antibacterial function even after 50 washes! This fact raises the rating of things made of bamboo even higher!

3. UV protection. 100% bamboo fabric is a good shield between your body and harmful solar radiation. The specialists of the Shanghai Research Institute managed to determine that a product made of bamboo fibers is capable of retaining 200-400nm rays harmful to the human body.

4. Breathable and temperature-adapted. The bamboo bathrobe is able to maintain a temperature regime that is comfortable for the human body. This means that it will be cool in summer and warm in winter. This is possible due to the fact that bamboo fibers have a cross section and various microgaps and holes, which allows bamboo fabrics to perfectly absorb moisture (2-3 times more than cotton fabrics), dry quickly and allow air to pass through.

5. Smooth, soft and luxurious looking. We have already compared bamboo fabric with silk at the very beginning. Shine, a feeling of cool touch on the skin is also a common feature of these two fabrics. If your skin is very sensitive to external irritants and “cannot stand” rough, hard things, a bamboo bathrobe will become a real, daily holiday for it!

6. Resistant to mechanical damage. A thing made of bamboo is almost impossible to break. It retains strength, does not rub and protects “your plush comfort” for a long time.

7. Biodegradable. Well, if, suddenly, you want to throw away your old robe and buy a new one – no problem! As the wise Tibetans say: “Bamboo fiber comes from nature, and completely returns to nature, in the end.” If in its composition a thing is 100% bamboo, under the influence of the sun, soil and microorganisms there will be no trace of it!

bamboo stalks

Bamboo robes can be classified as elite branded clothing under the Eco Choice of the 21st Century logo. And, perhaps, the only drawback of such things is the price. However, quality, health and summer coolness cannot by definition be cheap!

Let’s compare for clarity, for example, expensive bamboo bathrobes (left) with cheaper cotton ones (right).

comparison of bamboo and cotton

Bamboo Cotton
Hygroscopicity **** ***
Environmental friendliness **** ***
Practicality ***** ***
UV protection **
Antibacterial ***
Softness *** **
Temperature adaptability ***
wear and tear ** ****
Shrinkage ***

If you really care about your health, beauty and comfort – your choice is obvious! Although … For a truly cozy life, it does not hurt to have a large selection of clothes for the home in the closet. We hope there is a place for all the best (from bamboo, cotton, terry, velor) that our online store of bathrobes offers!

And the last question, the answer to which will certainly be of interest to our customers.

Bamboo care.

Bamboo fabrics are absolutely unpretentious in the wash. They can be easily machine washed. Moreover, even the most annoying pollution will leave your favorite dressing gown after washing in cold water with mild soap. Moreover, the bathrobe can be hung up to dry. It will not stretch and will not “sit down”. And yet, the bathrobe made of 100% bamboo does not require ironing!

Although, perhaps, there are a few caveats regarding care. Bathrobes made of bamboo should not be dried in a dryer and doused with hot air (otherwise they will quickly lose their luster and luxurious look). And if, nevertheless, you decide to iron the bathrobe after washing, select a low temperature for the iron and in no case use steam. The steam will damage the cellulose fibers of the bamboo, and they will stretch out in ugly half rings.

And further. Bamboo items can often generate static energy after being washed and dried. To avoid unpleasant sparking, add about 0.5 tbsp. table vinegar in the cycle machine.

Give each other love and comfort, shower your loved ones with dreamy smiles! And let our bamboo robes help to keep them for a long time somewhere in the pockets of your, such a long-lasting memory!