Bathrobe — as a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day

«Carrot love, lyamour toujour and other tenderness«, — as one well-known actor said already quite «on the nose». And therefore — the heart theme of even the most notorious skeptics and cynics cannot leave indifferent. As much as they don’t want to! And also, hiding your pragmatic look in a far pocket, secretly look for a gift for your beloved (or beloved, because “skeptic” is generally a feminine word). And furtively dream of tenderness, of a long piercing gaze, of a dark evening hiding the heat of the body and lips. About the words uttered in a whisper… True, the reputation of the evening depends on the gift! A few gift secrets directly related to a successful Valentine’s Day full of high emotions, know the employees of the store «Minutes of Comfort»! And in a few moments, you will too!

Topa: I love Valentine’s Day! Do you know why? Because he is as soft, gentle, affectionate as I am! But there is more to this holiday. It’s like champagne. Because it slightly intoxicates, amuses, turns on, makes the blood boil and remains a slight sweet and sour taste on the tongue. It looks like May, because millions of eyes are blooming around. Bloom with happiness! It is like the dawn, because it gives hope for a new day full of love. That’s precisely because all this is in the air on the eve of the holiday, we have no right to disappoint people who are in love with us and loved by us! It is on this day full of anticipation that they deserve the best gifts, warmed by the warmth of their hearts!

Day of Love

Yes, we carry, tremblingly pressing a bouquet of scarlet roses to our chest. Or mimosa. Or — forget-me-not. We write love letters, with all our hearts hoping for reciprocity.

letter of declaration of love

But something else is needed. Third. We believe that just this the third component of the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day will be a bathrobe.

Why is a robe a great gift idea for Valentine’s Day? We have as many as five compelling arguments!

Argument 1. Bathrobe — the keeper of the warmth of a loving heart

Warm romantic robes

Do you know what is the difference between love and falling in love? Because love speaks the language of care! Caring for your loved one! A truly loving person will call a hundred times a day to ask, “Did you get your feet wet and forget your gloves at home?” Valentine’s Day comes to us in February. And this means that there is a great reason to take care of your loved one, warm him with the warmth of your heart, giving a really warm gift — a terry bathrobe!

Argument 2. Desire to develop relationships

robes for relationships

With a bathrobe as a Valentine’s Day gift, you can hint to your loved one that you would like to take your relationship to a higher quality level. For example, try to live together. Agree, there is no more homely thing than a bathrobe! After all, together with a bathrobe, you give your hope for home warmth, comfort, the desire to fall asleep and wake up together! The desire to rush headlong to the bathroom, drink coffee together, smiling in the morning, and kiss each other, goodbye! And then wrap your smile-dream along with the body that remembers kisses in a warm and gentle to the touch home dressing gown!

Argument 3. A hint of intimacy

robes for intimacy

But if your relationship is still in the candy-bouquet stage? And I already want so much that on one of the beautiful evenings my beloved girl suddenly invites her to tea … Or does a loving and beloved girl really want the evening to slowly turn into morning, but she is afraid to seem immodest? A magical robe can solve this misunderstanding between two people in love! After all, he is like a quivering hint of a desire for intimacy from him! And he — like a modest «Yes!» from her. Seize the moment! After all, Valentine’s Day inspires, inspires, gives reason to hope and be bolder!

Argument 4. A way to ask for forgiveness

robes for forgiveness

Lovers and lovers sometimes quarrel. It happens. Usually — for nothing. Much less seriously. But in both cases, there is always a chance, the opportunity to ask for forgiveness. Valentine’s Day is a good occasion to make amends. Well, for example, buying a knitted robe is an excellent argument in favor of a pleasant and easy conflict resolution. And … hope for a stormy and pleasant reconciliation!

Argument 5. An interesting option to make an offer

And yet — Valentine’s Day, it seems, was invented just in order to create families. If you, too, suddenly decided that you don’t want to live a single day without each other, buy a ring and hurry to make an offer to your beloved! We have an interesting option on how to do it at home, after a romantic dinner! Prepare your beloved bath with rose petals, light candles, and after the bath, wrap her in a fluffy bathrobe, in the pocket of which there will be a treasured box with a ring and the question: “Will you marry me?”.

love confession robes

And spin all around in a stormy stream of unimaginable tenderness, and St. Valentine will smile somewhere in the sky! Still, because it was today that he managed to unite forever another pair of loving hearts!

bathrobes for love

Topa: And I smile too! It didn’t happen without my help! After all, the Minutes of Comfort store also has a fluffy, terry bathrobe (both for her and for him), thanks to which the two lovers decided to live together. And gentle, satin and silk, which connected two more in a fit of passion. And the one with the treasured pocket for the ring is also there!

By the way, to help those in love, a few more TIPS FOR CHOOSING A GIFT ROBE FOR VALENTINE’S DAY!

1. Brand colors — red, burgundy, pink

Just before the holidays (and only for you!) we have exclusive, very delicate dressing gowns for romantic girls, designed in the colors characteristic of Valentine’s Day.

light pink knitted dressing gown will emphasize the mystery and femininity of your beloved, and passionate plum blossom — ardor and heat, magnetism, richness of feelings and emotions.

mysterious and passionate robes

For men there is also a good offer. Long velor bathrobe the color of aged wine and excellent quality is a gift that will emphasize the importance of this particular man in your life.

You can also play with contrasts. Red robe for her and dark blue for him will look like the magnetic opposite of yin and yang.

2. Interesting heart prints, lace and roses

bathrobes with hearts

The symbolism of Valentine’s Day has been unchanged for several centuries: hearts, lace, cupids and roses. Present your favorite dressing gown with such a print, and it will be regarded as the highest manifestation of feelings. Moreover, such a gift can be an exclusive Valentine in itself!

3. Underlined sexuality — silk, satin and velor

sexy satin robes supply

Tenderness, intimate coolness of silk (as well as satin close to it) is hard to overestimate. Such an exciting gift on Valentine’s Day will fill your evening with sparks of passion, genuine intensity of emotions, insane sensuality. Choose from our bathrobes silk, satin and velor — and an evening that you will never forget is guaranteed!

Topa: Hurry up to please your loved ones and people who love you! Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for this! The Minutes of Comfort store is a chic tool in the hands of lovers, which exists in order for feelings to materialize! And they turned from ordinary love into real, quiet and eternal happiness!

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