Harmonious duet - shoes and dress

Every woman’s wardrobe has dresses of different styles, each designed for a specific occasion. Modern fashion is very democratic, so to create combinations with shoes, you can use almost the entire range of the store: from sneakers to sandals. But still, do not forget about the canons that allow you to create a harmonious and spectacular bow.

Among the main criteria for creating a successful combination with shoes, the most important are: the length of the dress, its functional purpose, style, and the type of figure of the owner.

The most important criterion for choosing shoes for a dress is its length. For young girls who prefer short dresses, we recommend open sandals with high wedges, which are so popular this season. And if the mini-dress is knitted in an adjacent silhouette, it can be combined with sneakers. At an older age, casual mini dresses will look good with flat sandals, and an evening version of a cropped dress is perfect with open stiletto sandals.

For looks with elongated casual dresses, sandals or ballet flats are perfect. With a long evening dress, stiletto heels or open-toed shoes go well.

If you are guided by style when choosing shoes, then, for example, open shoes or sandals with low heels are suitable for a dress in a romantic style. For urban style dresses (shirt dresses or tunics), we recommend soft moccasins or slip-ons. For girls who prefer athletic silhouettes, the choice in favor of sneakers is obvious.

For petite women who love fitted dresses, we recommend stiletto heels. This combination makes the figure visually more feminine, compensates for short stature. And for girls with a “plus size” figure, who usually choose dresses of a flying or free silhouette, we advise you to buy shoes with a stable heel no more than 8 cm high, but of an interesting geometric shape.

A beautiful dress makes the girl’s figure more feminine and attracts the eyes of others. But in order to make a lasting impression, you need to pay special attention to the selection of shoes. It is she who completes the image and draws attention to the merits.