Gucci glasses - original, vintage and classic

A stylish accessory can be the highlight of the image. The recognition of fashionistas was earned by Gucci glasses, represented by fashion or sunscreen models. A separate line is dedicated to accessories for vision. Designers are experimenting with the shape, color palette, decoration of products.

How to distinguish Gucci glasses from a fake?

Fashionistas who want to purchase a branded quality item should pay attention to certain points when choosing an accessory. The following details distinguish original Gucci glasses from fakes:

  1. The brand name should be carefully spelled out. There are fakes where it is spelled incorrectly, for example «Guicci».
  2. Behind the inscription indicating the place of manufacture of the accessory «Made in Italy» is the CE marking. The inscription says that the product meets European standards. The paint with which the letters are applied should not come off if it is slightly scratched with a fingernail.
  3. After the letters «GG» comes a number that includes 4 digits. After it is placed the letter «S». It is allowed to check the model by number on the official website to verify the authenticity of the accessory. This will help ensure that the number is not printed on a fake product.
  4. If the accessory is equipped with “nose pads”, the metal part placed in the middle of them is complemented by the brand logo.
  5. Gucci’s glasses are polarized, which can be verified by looking at the computer monitor turned on from different angles. The lenses should darken at some point.
  6. Hinges and hinges are made of metal and do not have screws. A fake is evidenced by the manufacture of plastic parts.
  7. The original accessory is heavier in weight than the fake. When choosing, an overly light weight should alert.
  8. Inside the box with the product there is a guarantee and a certificate. The latter is presented in the form of a card enclosed in an envelope. On the back of the certificate there is information about the model and its color.
  9. The branded packaging is complemented by the brand name, made in golden color. The latest models are placed in a brown box. The font must match the one printed on the accessory.
  10. The case is made neatly, with even seams. The font and logo match those printed on the box and accessory.
  11. The napkin has a brown tint and is decorated with the company logo.
  12. The accessory is packaged in a plastic bag, at the top of which contains the manufacturer’s label with a barcode.

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How much do Gucci glasses cost?

A branded item is distinguished from a fake not only by its characteristics, but also by its price. When looking for an answer to the question of how much Gucci original glasses cost, you should focus on an indicator above $200. The cost is set depending on the model of the product, the material taken for manufacturing, decorative elements. An example of the latter is a large golden logo printed on the temples of the accessory, embellished with rhinestones.

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Gucci glasses vintage

Accessories that resemble retro style have come into fashion. These are vintage Gucci glasses, endowed with the following characteristics:

  1. Large products that occupy half the face look original. Accessories are shaped like a square or a butterfly.
  2. For owners of a rectangular face type, round models, known as «Lennons», will be a godsend.
  3. A popular trend is Gucci brand glasses of an elongated shape, framed by a wide frame.
  4. When choosing colors, preference is given to black or options with translucent lenses that have a slight darkening.

glasses gucci vintagevintage gucci glassesgucci fashion glasses

Gucci glasses «classic»

The epitome of elegance will be an appeal to the traditional style. These are the Gucci glasses associated with the classics:

  1. Out of competition there is a frame resembling a «cat’s eye», made in a three-dimensional version.
  2. An alternative solution is to turn to a large square shape. The lenses are complemented by a barely noticeable or wide frame. The latter is offered in a monochrome version, decorated with rhinestones.
  3. Original look Gucci sunglasses, in which the frame is painted in two shades. The top part is created in red, the bottom in green. The coloring becomes even brighter thanks to the addition of sparkles.

gucci glasses classicgucci glassesoriginal gucci glasses

Gucci eyeglasses

The brand pays attention to the development of not only sunscreen, but also functional models. These are the women’s Gucci eyeglasses:

  1. A weightless effect is endowed with lenses framed by a barely noticeable frame, made in golden or metallic shades.
  2. It is allowed to highlight the upper part of the part, making it dark in color. The lower part of the glass remains blank.
  3. The frame frame in transparent pastel shades looks interesting. The opposite trend is dark monochrome. Black, burgundy, dark blue frame is made in a wide version.
  4. Eccentricity is given by the decoration of the part with a coloring imitating a leopard, made in golden brown tones.

gucci eyeglassesgucci glasses for womenwomen gucci glasses

Gucci Women’s Sunglasses

In the hot season, certain models will be a godsend. Gucci sunglasses are presented in design variations:

  1. The trend is voluminous classics in the form of a soft square, complemented by a gradient effect. The glasses have a darkening in the upper part, which decreases downwards.
  2. Experiments with combining forms are welcome. An example is round lenses, complemented by a frame that imitates a cat’s eye.
  3. There are Gucci sunglasses with rhinestone decoration laid out at the top of the part. An alternative to transparent stones will be large snow-white pearls.
  4. Volumetric accessories with a wide frame and temples, which are decorated with a golden company logo, look interesting.

womens sunglasses guccisunglassesgucci sunglasses

Gucci flip-up lenses

Designers resort to original design when creating accessories. These are Gucci glasses with flip-up lenses:

  1. There are options with square, rectangular, rounded shapes.
  2. A feature of the products is a double frame. The first part is made in a thin metal version and framed with glass. The second plastic part serves as the base and connects to the temples.
  3. Lenses can be flipped up at will, leaving the eyes open.

gucci flip-up lensesgucci flip-up lenseswomen's glasses gucci

Women’s sunglasses «Gucci» «cat’s eye»

The form associated with seductiveness does not lose its relevance. These are women’s Gucci cat-eye glasses:

  1. For a regular oval face, a narrow elongated shape is suitable. The piquancy of accessories gives a wide frame.
  2. Multi-colored lenses with a gradient effect applied over the trademark logo look original. The design is often created without a frame.
  3. Romance is given by large-sized products, in which the frame is made with pronounced corners, lengthening in the upper outer part.

Gucci Cat Eye Women's Sunglasseswomen's glasses gucci cat eyehow to tell fake gucci glasses

Gucci ski goggles

The brand produces accessories not only for the summer, but also for the winter season. These are Gucci ski goggles:

  1. The products are created with voluminous solid glass, made to cover the eyes from all sides.
  2. There are models in which the lenses and frames are made in monochrome: gray, red, burgundy, blue.
  3. The equipment of glasses with a mirror effect gives originality.
  4. Fans of catchy onions will appreciate the colorful accessories. Glasses are created with a bright gradient transition or catchy stripes of a contrasting shade. An example is a yellow detail printed on a black background.

gucci sports glasses

Gucci oversized glasses

The trend is branded accessories that occupy almost half of the face. These are the oversized Gucci glasses:

  1. Designers offer a square shape, cat-eye products, rounded options.
  2. Models made in the shape of a butterfly, in which there is no frame, look original.
  3. When choosing a frame, they turn to a thin metallized version, a wide monochrome, and leopard print decoration.
  4. Originality is given by the branded coloring, in which the upper part is made in red, the lower one in a green tint.

gucci oversized glassesbig gucci glassesgucci square glasses

Women’s aviator glasses Gucci gucci

The drop-shaped shape of the accessory will bring exquisite notes to the image. These are Gucci aviator glasses:

  1. Products are made without a frame or equipped with a thin golden or metallized frame.
  2. Glasses are designed in monochrome, complemented by a gradient effect. In the latter case, bright colors are allowed, turning into each other.
  3. An original bow will help to embody an accessory with a mirror effect. Products are equipped with the effect of polarization, which is especially important in hot sunny weather.

women's gucci aviator glasses

Gucci sports glasses

Lovers of an active lifestyle will appreciate certain models. These are women’s Gucci glasses, made in a sports version:

  1. Products with solid glass equipped with a notch for the nose are popular. There are also options with traditionally designed lenses.
  2. The shape of the accessory is designed to cover the eyes from all sides.
  3. There are models without a frame or with the placement of the part in the upper part. Coloring is done in a translucent, dark monochrome and bright gradient version.

gucci sports glasses

Gucci round glasses

The form, known as the «Lennons», does not lose its relevance on the fashionable Olympus. These are Gucci Women’s Round Sunglasses:

  1. The brand prefers large-shaped products with a wide, originally designed frame. The latter completely matches the shade with the lenses or is made in a darker version.
  2. Original inscriptions made in a contrasting white shade are applied to the circumference.
  3. Glasses have a traditional design or are equipped with a mirror effect.

gucci round glasses 2022Gucci Women's Round Sunglassesoriginal gucci glasses

Gucci square glasses

For chubby girls, they will become a godsend for models of a certain shape. These are Gucci square glasses that look good on the correct oval of the face:

  1. Romanticism is given by pink, lavender colors and the absence of a frame.
  2. Accessories with monochrome black glasses and red wide frames look catchy. Letters are applied along the circumference, forming the name of the logo and lined with small rhinestones.
  3. A frame with a popular leopard print is welcome, presented using brown and beige or golden hues.

gucci square glassesgucci square glassesgucci glasses

Gucci rectangular glasses

Spicy notes in the image will bring an elongated shape. These are the Gucci Rectangular Sunglasses:

  1. Designers are experimenting with the color of the lenses, which are made in a traditional black shade or in light pastel colors. In the first case, it is advisable to add a thin golden frame, in the second case, equip it with a wide detail.
  2. It looks interesting laying out small rhinestones placed around the entire circumference.

Gucci rectangular glasses

Gucci golden glasses

The right shade of the frame will bring exquisite notes to the image. These are women’s Gucci glasses, made in a golden version:

  1. A common solution is to resort to a thin, barely noticeable frame that frames square, round, elongated rectangular glasses.
  2. Eccentricity gives the addition of the temples of the accessory with golden chains. Details are made in a shortened version, hanging down and equipped with logos at the end. An alternative solution is to resort to romantic decor in the form of strawberries.
  3. There is an addition with a continuous elongated chain, which is attached to the arms.

gucci gold glassessunglasses

Gucci pink glasses

Lovers of romance will appreciate accessories made in gentle tones. These are pink Gucci glasses:

  1. The monochrome design of glasses and frames looks interesting. The tonality is selected from pale muted to catchy raspberry shades.
  2. A combination with black is allowed, which is used to decorate glasses or frames.

pink gucci glasseswomens sunglasses gucci

Yellow Gucci glasses

Certain shades are indispensable in the hot season, as they give a sunny mood. These are the original Gucci glasses in yellow:

  1. A light weightless effect is endowed with models made in monochrome. An alternative solution is to choose a snow-white frame. The addition looks organically with small rhinestones laid out around the circumference of the frame.
  2. It is allowed to combine yellow lenses with a golden frame.
  3. There is a game of contrast, created by combining light glasses and black frames.

original gucci glasses

Red Gucci glasses

Scarlet shades will bring seductive notes to the image. Confirmation is Gucci fashion glasses:

  1. Red color is used mainly for the design of the frame. The detail is harmoniously combined with traditional black glasses.
  2. The lenses look original, complemented by a gradient effect. Glasses are dispensed with without the addition of a frame or framed with a thin circle.
  3. There is a frame with a red background and a black pattern applied over it, imitating the colors of a zebra or leopard.

red gucci glasses