Fashionable women's knitted hats, winter 2021-2022 - 60 ideas on how to wear a hat

Fashionable women’s knitted hats winter 2021-2022 is a variety of knitted and knitted products of various styles, both handmade and factory knitted. The new autumn-winter collection is filled with bright and juicy colors, large and small beautiful patterns, there may be additional decor on headwear — embroidery, inscriptions, applications.

Knitted hats fashion trends 2021-2022

What fashionable knitted hats in the winter of 2021-2022 will be at the peak of popularity?

  1. Style trendsetters in their collections of hats presented many variations of knitted hats for cold weather. In the first place, the beanie hat is in the lead, with a wide lapel or with an overlap in the crown area, fashionistas are already wearing it the way they like.
  2. The model with diverse ears, both small fox, bear and pompoms, and earflaps remained in fashion.

knitted hats fashion trends 2021 2022fashionable knitted hats 2021 2022

  1. From past seasons, the version with a veil has smoothly migrated to this winter, and the models can be different, but the veil closes our noses, giving us a little mystery and romanticism.
  2. Fashionable women’s knitted turban hats winter 2021-2022, which add a touch of oriental splendor to the general ideas, have remained in demand.
  3. You should not ignore berets, fur knitwear, solutions with a visor and cubans, both small and large patterned knitting.

Knitted beanie hat

This winter, a must-have addition to a fashionable urban chic look will be a knitted women’s hat with a beanie style lapel. Stylish and original, which has long appeared on glossy covers as a favorite headdress of mega stars and famous personalities. It will give your appearance extravagance, bring a bit of avant-garde. Although it itself can be wide and voluminous, it fits the forehead, ears and back of the head very tightly, so it is warm and comfortable even in severe frosts. You can also beautifully lay out the drapery and fasten the hat with a brooch.

knitted beanie hat

Fashionable women’s knitted hats winter 2021-2022 beanie are presented in a variety of colors and pattern variations. Along with the usual and English elastic, braids, voluminous bumps, gossamer and intricate lace patterns, as well as regular satin stitch and purl, will be in fashion. The trendy colors of this winter include beige, pink and cream, gray, coral and green, black, red and blue, blue, white and brown, and all tint combinations of the dominant color.

knitted women's hat with lapel

Knitted hat with ears

The original hit of the seasons of past years — a knitted women’s hat with ears has been in fashion for more than one year. These models are loved by fashionistas of all ages, not only for the non-triviality of the idea, but also for the fact that they bring notes of mischief, playfulness and coquetry to the overall conceived bow. Ears can be:

  • pointed solutions, like a lynx with tassels on the tips;
  • fox, both fur and knitted;
  • feline graceful;
  • teddy bear and pom-poms;
  • earflaps with diverse beautiful patterns.

knitted hat with ears

Fashionable women’s knitted hats winter 2021-2022 with ears are also elegant options with a light and transparent veil, when two trends are combined in one product. Such a game of contrasts — brutality and sophistication, very successfully complement each other. Such hats are worn with great pleasure by both young ladies and mature women. After all, these hats perfectly complement outerwear, diluting the strict conciseness of coats, short coats, raincoats and fur coats with perkyness and slight negligence.

knitted women's hat with ears

Women’s knitted hat in large viscous

A voluminous knitted hat will dilute the snow-whiteness of winter and add bright colors to the images. Because in the coming season, red, brown, mustard, orange and blue products will be in fashion. Hats in pink, beige, cream and milky white colors will also be popular. Large knitting can be patterned with diverse patterns and made with front stitch. Hand-made hand-knitted items, both knitted and crocheted with braids ornament, are in demand and are a real mast-have.

women's knitted hat

Fashionable women’s large-knit knitted hats are hats of various styles, such as beanie, turban, with ears, solutions with wide and narrow lapels, options with a visor, berets and cupcakes. All these hats have one thing in common — a catchy patterned design. Along with plain and English ribbing, purl knitting has also come into fashion this winter, especially in large designs. These earflaps, even knitted from fur, will become your favorite headdress for the long winter months, reliably protecting and protecting you from severe frosts.

voluminous knitted hat

Knitted hat-turban

For images of urban chic, a knitted women’s turban hat is perfect, which goes well with a variety of coats, short coats and fur coats, and in tandem with jackets adds a touch of mystery and romanticism to the ensemble. Wearing a turban, you become a charming beauty and will be able to conquer and win men’s attention with your charm and the true oriental splendor of ideas in clothing. After all, this hat can be complemented with a chic brooch.

knitted hat turban

Models of women’s knitted hats differ in style and knitting technique. Machine knitting is dense, smooth with a small pattern. The headdress, made with knitting needles or crocheted by hand, has a large knit, interesting patterns, braids and weaves. The turban can be with a crochet, with a binding, with a knot, depending on the master’s idea. Any of the proposed options has its share of charm, and choosing a turban for yourself, you will not be mistaken, but you will only win and fall into the trends of the season.

knitted women's hat turban

Knitted hats from mink down

A knitted mink hat is an elegant headdress, which is a fashionable and important element of women’s wardrobe, it is always comfortable and cozy in it. These products can be with or without lapels, connected with a diverse elastic band and with openwork patterns, plain and with various prints. An excellent choice for every day, both under coats and short coats, as well as under jackets, down jackets and parkas. These solutions are both unique and versatile, due to the additional fluffiness of the yarn they give visual volume, very comfortable to wear.

mink knitted hats

Colors that are in demand among true fashionistas allow you to refresh the face, giving it more expressiveness, for example, pink and blue, blue and green, gray and brown, and the classics of the genre — black and white. Another hat made of mink fluff is slightly picky in care, it should be washed either by hand or in a machine on a delicate wash so that the fluff does not fall off, in cool water, not higher than 40 degrees. If you want to stand out pleasantly, then these products are a wonderful choice for stylish everyday life, suitable even for business bows.

knitted mink hat

Knitted hats with earflaps for women

Style trendsetters presented in their new collections very beautiful women’s winter knitted hats with earflaps, their models are distinguished by a certain elegance and grace. They bring notes of romanticism and fragility into the overall conceived appearance. They fit perfectly under feminine coats and short coats, raincoats and trench coats, as well as under sport-chic clothes, jackets and down jackets, parkas and shirt jackets. Among the proposed magnificence, each fashionista can choose a headdress she likes according to her taste and color scheme.

knitted hats with earflaps for women

The fact that retro dominates the world podium is indicated by earflaps that returned to fashion from the late 70s and 80s, reminiscent of almost fawn earflaps with ears matched at the top. They are perfect for modern fashionistas and emphasize the natural beauty and grace of real Russian beauties. Among the proposed variety, you can choose your favorite knitted models, even supplemented with fur on the outside and with jacquard patterns.

women's winter knitted hats with earflaps

Women’s knitted hat with a visor

Another winter seasonal trend is a knitted hat with a visor, which becomes an integral part of the wardrobe of fashionistas who prefer convenience and comfort in everything, simultaneous versatility and uniqueness. After all, these models fit perfectly with diverse outerwear from leather jackets to aviators and chic elegant coats and raincoats, presentable fur coats and sheepskin coats. Interesting solutions were presented in the collections of eminent couturiers, these are berets, caps, bowlers and cubans with visors and veils, and interesting feminine decor.

women's knitted hat with a visorvisor knitted hat

Knitted hat hood

An unconditional hit is women’s winter knitted hats, hoods, democratic and youthful, uninhibited and ultra-modern, catchy and stylish, always magnificent and completely comfortable. They are ideal for winter, especially with insulated elements, leather and suede, fur and fleece. They can be knitted, machine knitted, as well as handmade, depending on the model. Perfectly fit into many experimental street style looks, both with coats and jackets.

knitted hat hoodwinter women's knitted hats

Knitted hat Kubanka

Fans of the military style will be especially lucky this winter, because the retro Kubanka, which comes to the fore, got into the trendy types of knitted hats. Black, brown, mustard, olive, khaki, multi-colored combinations are in fashion. The decor matches the character: bows, braids, voluminous headbands, thin leather straps and metal fittings are acceptable — large buttons, chains, rivets, eyelets, voluminous brooches and other interesting decorations. If you want to add a refreshing accent, then you can easily pick up a hat with a print that attracts attention.

knitted hat Kubankatypes of knitted hats

Women’s knitted hats with pompon

The knitted hat with a pompom does not give up the won leading positions. In the upcoming winter season, laconic knitted smoothness will be competed with models with lush relief patterns — airy braids, complex braids and amazing aranas, and a truly beautiful decor that adds mischief, coquetry and visually rejuvenates are diverse pompoms, which can be not only fur and knitted or fluffed from threads. The trend will be both calm and bright colors, such as fuchsia, red tint, mustard and burgundy.

women's knitted hats with pomponknitted hat with pompom

Knitted sports hat

Sports models of knitted hats for outdoor activities and sports are distinguished by a deep and tight fit on the head for its manufacture, hygroscopic, warm and light materials are used, such solutions are still distinguished by the absence of unnecessary decor details for a comfortable and safe intended use. However, these options are not only a necessity in the cold season, but also a truly stylish attribute of the image.

knitted sports cap

Fashion guru collections feature stunning sport-chic headwear with gorgeous decorations. After all, sports style is firmly gaining a place in everyday wear because of practicality, democracy and convenience. Sports hats have confidently become an attribute of a modern wardrobe, not only for their intended purpose, but also for walking, relaxing, and everyday wear. These knitwear are in justifiably high demand in recent years among women of all ages.

knitted hat patterns

Knitted hat with braids

Knitted winter hats with braids according to the thing itself and in the form of elongated ears are a huge variety of interesting modern models with diverse additional designer decor in the form of an uneven top, wavy and openwork decorations, large patterned knitting, jacquard and ethno patterns, all kinds of holes and voluminous applications. A veil will be a stylish addition, and interesting hats-helmets and berets, presented in the collections of famous brands, both with and without cuffs, come to the fore.

knitted hat with braidsknitted winter hats

Fur knitted hats

Always elegant and luxurious — these are knitted fur hats for women that fit under elegant coats and short coats, but in tandem with jackets and down jackets they create a certain halo of femininity and add exquisite notes of romanticism to the intended images, fill the overall appearance with charm and respectability. This winter, fashion designers are betting on simple forms, promoting cubans and hats for women. In addition to the mink, there will be hats made of fluffy silver fox, red fox, arctic fox, they look noble and aristocratic.

knitted fur hatsfur knitted women's hats

Knitted angora hats

Winter hats knitted from angora for women will be an excellent choice for democratic looks. In the classic version, they can be with a single or double lapel, hand or machine knitted. The brand collections include mixed products from mohair with acrylic, mink down, alize yarn, added to the angora thread. Not only monochromatic solutions are in fashion, but also with all kinds of patterns. Patterns can be knitted or printed, it all depends on the model of the headdress.

knitted angora hatsknitted winter hats for women