Fashionable hats 2021-2022 - 88 photos of stylish warm accessories

With the onset of cold weather, winter and demi-season bows are complemented by accessories. Fashionable hats 2021-2022 are designed to be a harmonious completion of the image. Products are created in a knitted or fur version, they differ in style, color scheme.

Trends in women’s hats 2022

Couturiers included accessories in new collections. Fashionable women’s hats 2021-2022 are represented by the following trends:

  1. The catwalks were conquered by the “kepi” model with a visor, small in size or strongly protruding forward.
  2. The bucket hat acts as the main focus of the image. The shape of the product resembles Panama. The thing is made of wool, fur, dense gabardine, velveteen, suede. It is permissible to supplement the fabric top with a pile liner.
  3. The beret is associated with French fashion. The style is in harmony with the classic straight or fitted coat. For the manufacture of cashmere, nylon, leather is taken.
  4. Fashionable fur hats 2021-2022 are presented in the form of earflaps or in a concise version. There is an «aviator» style with a knitted top and a pile trim inside.
  5. Balaclava — looks like a hood, worn on the head and smoothly flowing into a scarf. There is an addition with a knitted strip covering the mouth and nose, fixed with a button.
  6. Wide-brimmed hats will harmoniously fit into city bows. A headdress will complement a coat in a masculine style.
  7. In the trend is a warmed baseball cap, created in a quilted or fur version.

women's hats trends 2022fashionable women's hats 2021 2022models of women's hats

Women’s hats for autumn

With the onset of the off-season, fashionistas seek to acquire a suitable headdress. Autumn women’s hat is offered in the following design variations:

  • versatile beanie that complements business bows and casual looks;
  • cap with a visor, combined with leather «leather jackets»;
  • a turban suitable for a coat-dressing gown and outerwear of a classic cut;
  • a panama that fits into informal city bows;
  • «onion», characterized by an elongated shape;
  • for the manufacture of demi-season headwear, lightweight materials are selected. These are loose wool, knitwear, leather, nylon, gabardine.

women's hats for autumnautumn women's hatstylish women's hats

Fashionable hats winter 2021-2022

A well-chosen hat will protect you from cold and frost. An example is fashionable women’s winter hats:

  • fur models made in the form of earflaps or knitted from mink, tightly fitting the head;
  • hoods, transformers, combining the functions of two accessories: a headdress and a scarf;
  • tight-knit products, complemented by lapels, pompoms, ears;
  • felted models that fit into the images in the boho style;
  • winter accessories are made of thick wool, suede, natural or artificial pile. The latter acts as a heater, complementing the outer part, which is lighter in structure.

fashion hats winter 2021 2022fashion women's winter hatswarm women's hats

Women’s mink hat

If you want to warm up, you should turn to fur models. Out of competition remains a women’s hat made of mink:

  1. There are products that have a continuous structure, sewn from whole pieces of pile. Another option is accessories knitted from mink, which, when put on, fit snugly to the head.
  2. The original solution is a model with a visor, voluminous in the upper part.
  3. Decorating with a pompom of considerable size located at the crown is welcome.
  4. In the front part, a trim is acceptable that contrasts in color with the top.
  5. The natural color palette prevails: brown, black, white, beige, mink gray. There is a combination of several colors in one product.

women's mink hatwomen's mink hatfashion women's hats

Fashionable knitted hats for women

The collections were not without universal models. Fashionable women’s knitted hats are presented in the following design variations:

  1. Laconic beanies are combined with classic coats, down jackets, fur coats.
  2. Volumetric products knitted from thick yarn will organically complement oversized outerwear, a “blanket”.
  3. Decoration with a flower, brooch, pompom is allowed.
  4. Often, accessories are presented in a single-color version. There are hats, complemented by an ombre effect, where a smooth transition from one color to another is provided. Prints made on floral, geometric, abstract themes are welcome.
  5. Knitting is made homogeneous or in the form of an elastic band, complemented by braids, plaits. For manufacturing, thin or thick yarn is taken.

women's hats trends 2022fashionable women's knitted hatsfashion knitted hats for women

Women’s hat with a visor

In youth fashion, certain hats have won a strong position. An example is a women’s hat-cap with a visor:

  1. Baker Boy is complemented by a wide visor, along the top of which there is a decorative chain. An alternative solution is a wide leather strip, complemented by a buckle.
  2. There are plain caps, with a cellular print or abstract patterns.
  3. For the manufacture of products, leather, felt fabric is taken.
  4. The headdress is worn with a pea coat, puffy jackets, pilot sheepskin coats.
  5. The visor is created in a single color with an accessory or contrasts in color. In the latter case, the detail acts as an accent of the image.

women's hat with a visorwomen hat capfashionable women's hats 2021 2022

Women’s beanie with lapel

The collection included a model that does not lose popularity. A women’s hat with a lapel complements casual, business, romantic bows:

  1. The lapel is made wide single or narrow double.
  2. For manufacturing, mohair, dense wool, knitwear is taken.
  3. The lapel is created in the same color scheme as the headdress or in a contrasting version. In the latter case, the detail echoes the pom-pom located at the crown.
  4. The knitting of the headgear is done in a continuous uniform or in the form of an «English» elastic band.

women's lapel beanie hatwomen's hat with lapelfashion knitted hats for women

Women’s hat-scarf-transformer

Designers welcome the combination of the two accessories. An example is fashionable hats-hoods:

  1. The product includes parts connected to each other: a headdress and a scarf. The latter can be wrapped several times around the neck, letting the ends go down.
  2. To protect against cold and wind, the upper part of the scarf is pulled over the nose. The accessory performs a heat-retaining function.
  3. Fashionable hats for 2021-2022 are created mainly in the same color scheme. It is allowed to play on the contrast between the upper and lower parts.

women's hat scarf transformer

Women’s bonnet

The once popular style has returned to fashion. Fashionable bonnets for women combine the functions of two products:

  1. The model is worn on the head and smoothly passes into a short scarf adjacent to the neck. The latter is made solid, the ends of the product are sewn together. In warm weather, it is permissible to remove the upper part, distributing it over the shoulders.
  2. Equipping the hood with a drawstring will be an advantage. If necessary, the part will create a snug fit to the head.
  3. The hood is made using solid knitting or complemented by patterns. There is a pattern of «English» gum, braids, plaits, geometric ornaments.

women's hat bonnet

Women’s hat with ears

Young fashionistas tend to decorate their hats with non-standard details. Beautiful women’s hats with ears deserve recognition:

  1. Decorative elements are often concentrated at the top of the product. Ears are created using knitting or in the form of pompoms. The decor looks like separate parts or forms a continuous structure with the product. The ears are created in the same color scheme with the accessory or make up a bright contrast.
  2. Another option is elements that go down in the side parts. Models of women’s hats are known as «earflaps», presented in a knitted or fur version.

women's hat with earsbeautiful women's hatsfashionable women's knitted hats

Women’s hat with pompom

Girls tend to bring variety to the bow with the help of decorative elements. An example is a women’s hat with a fur pompom:

  1. The fluffy element is found in a small or large size.
  2. The pompom is made in a single color scheme or in a contrasting version. To design an element, it is allowed to take one shade or use several tones.
  3. There is a detail made using knitting.
  4. The pompom is located on the crown or hangs down at the bottom. The latter option is found in models that have an elongated shape.

women's hat with pompomwomen's hat with fur pompomfashion hats for women

Women’s hat-helmet

Designers have developed models that protect from the wind. In severe colds, youth women’s hats-helmets will become a godsend:

  1. The product is worn over the head, has a closed lower part. If desired, the latter is lowered, fixing on the neck, or raised, covering the mouth and nose.
  2. The lower part of the helmet is made in a solid form. Another option is the addition of lightning.
  3. The headdress has a concise style or is equipped with a pompom.
  4. Insulated models are supplemented with insulation — a short pile that upholsters the inner surface.

women's hat helmetyouth women's hats

Women’s turban hats

Lovers of originality will appreciate the unusual demi-season style. These are the types of women’s hats, known as «turban»:

  1. Products are made from knitwear or woolen yarn. The accessory is made gathered in the front, which makes it look like a turban.
  2. It is allowed to decorate the product with a large brooch in the central front part.
  3. The turban looks organically with a bathrobe, a classic model of midi length.
  4. There is a design that plays on the contrast. Two side parts of the product are made in different colors.

women's hats turbantypes of women's hatsbeautiful women's hats

Scandinavian women’s hat

Girls want to protect themselves from the cold with the help of insulated models. Fashionable hats with earflaps made in the Scandinavian style will come to the rescue:

  1. The peculiarity of the headdress is long knitted details that go down the sides on both sides. Optionally, the strips are fixed under the chin, protecting from the penetration of cold.
  2. «Ears» are decorated with pompoms or tassels at the ends.
  3. There are plain stylish women’s hats or decorated with ethnic patterns. Patterns correspond to the Scandinavian theme, embody images of snowflakes and deer.

scandinavian women's hattrendy hats with earflaps

Panama hats for women

In youth fashion, non-standard solutions are welcome. Panama hats are an example:

  1. Accessories are made of leather, suede, nylon, gabardine.
  2. For winter, insulated fur options are suitable.
  3. A combination of materials is welcome, this is a suede panama with fur patches.
  4. The headdress is equipped with fields, which, if desired, can be wrapped up.

women panama hatstrendy panama hatsstylish women's hats

Felted women’s hats

When creating accessories, designers are guided by certain technologies. An example is warm women’s hats made by felting wool:

  1. The material is hypoallergenic, protects against cold, retains heat.
  2. The beanie model is popular. The difference from the traditional design lies in the voluminous drapery. Decorating with stripes in the form of leaves, flowers is welcome.
  3. Another option is to apply drawings using applications, paint.
  4. Felted accessories are in harmony with quilted coats, oversized clothes.
  5. Products organically fit into the boho style, combined with shawls, stoles.

felted women's hatswarm women's hatsmodels of women's hats

Women’s onion hat

Young girls prefer original accessories. The find will be fashionable women’s hats, created in the form of an «onion»:

  1. The peculiarity of the product is an elongated elongated top, thanks to which the thing has earned its name.
  2. The model is made of ordinary or mohair wool.
  3. Monochromatic colors prevail, as the headdress looks self-sufficient. The product attracts attention due to the original form.
  4. There are accessories complemented by a gradient effect. One shade smoothly flows into another from top to bottom.

women's hat onionfashion women's hats