Exploring the world in a healthy way: orthopedic shoes for children

It has long been known that the future health of the joints, spine and musculoskeletal system as a whole depends on the correct formation and development of the foot from the first day of life. This is due to the fact that the weight of the entire human body is applied to the foot, and when walking, it acts as a shock absorber, redistributing the load.
The health of the joints, muscles, and spine depends on how correctly this redistribution will occur. To understand how to choose orthopedic shoes, you need to know their features. To help parents choose the right shoes for their baby, this article covers the following questions:
1. The difference between medical orthopedic shoes and ordinary ones
2. According to what criteria to choose the «correct» shoes
3. For whom shoes with orthopedic qualities are intended
4. Where to buy

The difference between therapeutic orthopedic shoes and ordinary ones

Therapeutic orthopedic shoes for children have special properties that are aimed at correcting already existing violations of the shape of the foot. It is not sold in ordinary stores, but is made to order, according to the customer’s measurements and taking into account the degree and form of the pathology.
For everyday use, you need to choose ordinary shoes that are made taking into account the anatomical structure and development of the child’s foot.

orthopedic sandals

By what criteria to choose the «correct» shoes

Orthopedic shoes for children have some features that you should pay close attention to when choosing:
— Hard, but flexible sole. To determine the quality of the sole, bend it in the toe area. If the sole is of good quality, it will bend, but only if a certain effort is made. If the sole will not bend at all, then this may cause improper development of the arches of the foot. Too soft material of the sole does not limit the movement of the leg to the required extent, which can cause sprains and strains. Most often, the sole is made of thermoplastic elastomer, which is in good contact with various road surfaces, providing a strong grip. Shoes on such a sole will not slip, preventing falls and injuries;
— The Air System ensures the outflow of raw air through a valve specially made for this purpose. Lack of moisture is one of the most important conditions for maintaining an optimal microclimate (humidity and temperature) in shoes, due to which microorganisms and fungi do not develop;
— Thomas heel, which supports the heel and middle part of the foot, thanks to the shape — one edge is longer than the other. The height of the heel is slightly different in different parts, thanks to which the load is redistributed to different points of the foot. Thus, the load on the joints and spine is reduced. The children’s spine is in the stage of development, so the increased loads associated with wearing high-heeled shoes are one of the causes of serious disorders. The optimal heel height for children under 8 years old is 0.5-1 cm, 8-10 years old — no higher than 2 cm;
— The back is made of hard, but not hard material. The inner side is made in the form of a soft pillow without rough seams, stickers, labels and embroidery. For a firm fixation, to prevent the leg from slipping and falling to the sides, the butt should be slightly inflated. The height of the back of the shoe to correct serious violations is determined by the doctor;
— The toe of orthopedic shoes should not squeeze the foot, if the width is chosen correctly, the child can move the toes inside. Orthopedic boots for children, shoes or shoes have a hard rounded extended toe, in summer shoes, the width of the toe should be changed with the help of Velcro fasteners. A wide toe protects the skin from abrasions and the formation of calluses;

orthopedic boots

— Insole with instep, in the form of thickening on the inner side of the foot. Orthopedic shoes for the treatment of serious disorders have an insole with one or more wedge-shaped insoles, which are placed under certain zones depending on the shape of flat feet. Anatomical insole ensures the correct distribution of pressure on the ankle and foot, reducing fatigue and softening impacts during running and normal walking;
— Correct shoes are fixed on the ankle, this position guarantees stability and eliminates excessive mobility of the leg, which is the cause of injuries. For a baby, Velcro fasteners will be the best, which, in addition to stable fixation, will teach the child to be independent. The child will be able to fasten and unfasten shoes by himself, without the help of adults. Children’s orthopedic slippers — flip flops have two or three rows of velcro fasteners, so they stay firmly on the foot and do not hinder movement;
— Careful attention should be paid to the materials from which shoes are made. The right solution will be shoes made of genuine leather, suede, corduroy, which provide ventilation, preventing sweating, the growth and development of fungus, and the formation of abrasions. In addition, it is easy to care for such shoes — it is enough to wipe them with a napkin with a special composition applied to them, lubricate them with castor oil or shoe cream. Natural orthopedic shoes for children, the price of which is higher than that of combined models, with proper care will last a long time, regardless of the child’s motor activity. By buying shoes made of natural material, parents will ensure the baby’s health and save money on buying a second pair, as they are durable and wear-resistant.

For whom shoes with orthopedic qualities are intended

Shoes with the above-described qualities are intended for those who care about the health of their legs and spine and prefer convenience, lightness and freedom of movement. The use of such shoes from the very first baby step and constantly, regardless of the user’s age, will protect against possible violations in the development of the foot and the entire musculoskeletal system. In addition, such shoes will help to form a correct, good gait and will allow you to wear stylish and fashionable shoes in the future.
where to buy
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