Donna Karan bags

The American brand Donna Karan is world famous all over the world. It was this talented designer who was able to prove to the whole world that a business woman can look feminine and sexy. The style created by Donna is attractive, charming, sensual. Bags have become no less popular than Donna Karan’s clothes, perfumes and watches. Indeed, an accessory worthy of a business woman.

Brand history

Donna’s father was a tailor and her mother a fashion model. From childhood, she showed her ability to model, she drew entire collections of sketches of various outfits. After school, Donna went to study at a design school, but she never finished due to the fact that she got a job with the famous fashion designer Anna Klein. In 1971 (after Anna’s death) Donna became the chief fashion designer of this House. She presented her first collection only in 1985. Since then, her career has gone up, and the Donna Karan New York brand has become known all over the world.

Bags Donna Karan New York

Her bags have the ability to change from day to evening. This feature is appreciated by many business women. They are simple, elegant and able to complement any image. All models are made in Italy, have a durable finish, and thanks to simple cuts and colors, they never go out of style. Such Donna Karan bags are “for life”. They are practical and durable.

The latest collection of women’s bags Donna Karan

After traveling through earthquake-ravaged Haiti, the designer decided to move on to a new phase of creativity. She repainted urban glamour, and created a collection called “Artisans Revolt”. All leather accessories were decorated with prints provided by Philip Dodard. Undoubtedly, this collection has attracted considerable attention of many fashionistas.

  1. Donna Karan bags. They combine minimalism with geometrically precise details. For the manufacture used leather cream, brown and sand. The handbags are decorated with animal prints and embroidered zigzags.
  2. Clutches Donna Karan. This is a kind of work of art with chic patterns and prints of reptile skin. Such an eccentric Donna Karan clutch will undoubtedly become the dream of many fashionistas.

Some models of bags are stylized as natural wood, and some are made of natural wood.

The Donna Karan New York bag is a style, a new trend combined with a decade of tradition in the manufacture of accessories for business and fashionable women.