For a long time it was believed that beauty and comfort in shoes are incompatible: either high stiletto heels, in which it’s not only walking, even standing is problematic, or a functional flat sole, which looked less aesthetic and attractive, but was comfortable.

Times are changing, shoe fashion keeps pace with the dynamic realities of the active modern world. Massive platform soles, stable low heels, grunge-style models have gradually become not just a bold experimental trend, but a sustainable trend. Over the course of several seasons, massive boots and boots, sports sneakers and loafers remain at the peak of fashion, which are boldly combined not only with jeans, but also with chiffon skirts and elegant dresses.

This is the very compromise between beauty and comfort that has found a response in the assortment of many fashion brands.
Models that are an indispensable must-have in the wardrobe are offered by the brands Clarks, Bugatti, EMU Australia, ARA and Scholl.

Women’s high boots and spectacular Chelsea boots, which abound in the range of brands, are universal for all occasions. They are comfortable to wear and go well with a variety of styles.

To add deep shades to the image, noble and spectacular brown boots from the EMU Australia brand, made of genuine leather and insulated with natural sheepskin lining. The model is ideally mixed with different styles. Original red laces add a bright accent to the look.

If you want lightness, then you should pay attention to elegant ankle boots from the Scholl brand. The rounded toe, low heel and stylish design draws attention, emphasizing the walk and posture of their owner!

In such shoes you can overcome the longest roads. Maneuvering through the rich labyrinths of fate in comfortable and beautiful boots, Chelsea or ankle boots is a pleasure! You can always find such shoes on this shop and in SOHO stores. Waiting for you!