Bulgari bags

The famous Bulgari trademark (the brand name is usually written as BVLGARI, based on the traditional Latin alphabet, where the letter ā€œVā€ is equivalent to the modern ā€œUā€) has become a handbag brand recently. Initially producing jewelry, then Bulgari watches and perfumes, the brand gradually moved towards the production of bags and accessories. Bulgari bags are made of natural materials and look very luxurious. Amazingly beautiful color palette.

Bags as a work of art

Many fashionistas were initially skeptical about Bulgari bags. But time passed and the brand became popular. And all thanks to the unchanging style of the brand – to produce the best and flawless in combination with beauty. Bulgari bags are the highest quality, luxury, stylish design. Another nuance inherent in Italian masters is the extravagance of appearance.

Bags and accessories for the firm were designed by Matthew Williamson. He faced a difficult task – to make Bvlgari bags in the style of jewelry. And he coped with this task perfectly well. Original and elegant, they are suitable for both special occasions and everyday wardrobe, because the bag is always in the first place in the list of things a woman needs.

Bvlgari products are shaped like precious stones. The Bvlgari clutch has a hexagonal shape, decorated with golden chains and original clasps in the shape of a snake’s head. An evening lace dress, complemented by such a clutch, will look luxurious and stylish. In addition, despite the small form, it is quite roomy.

As with all its products, the brand makes high demands on the production of accessories. All the little things are carefully thought out. Therefore, the product combines many advantages:

  1. The Bvlgari Wallet is comfortable and practical, complementing your wardrobe.
  2. A variety of shapes, colors and sizes allows you to perfectly match it to your handbag.
  3. Thanks to their functionality, they have a lot of space for a variety of little things.

Convenience and practicality of Bvlgari bags

Initially, the company is focused on a wealthy buyer and uses only natural materials. Like bags, Bulgari wallets are made of alligator, ostrich, and lamb leather. Many models are made by hand and due to the lacquer coating look bright and rich.

Bvlgari products amaze with their luxury and beauty. A Bulgari clutch is a very elegant addition to an evening dress. Thanks to the talent of the designer, he combines the classics and style with fashionable, modern trends. And behind the luxurious appearance lies convenience and practicality.