Beach bags

With the onset of warm days, most of the fair sex thought about the long-awaited vacation. Dreaming of a bronze tan and cool cocktails, it is important not to forget about the most important accessories – beach bags. This is exactly the thing that should be first on the shopping list for a trip to the sea.

Stylish beach bags 2013

In the new season, summer beach bags pleasantly surprise with a huge selection. The main trend remains, as in previous seasons, bright colors and saturation of colors. Fashion designers advise not to be shy to be in the spotlight and choose the most unusual in shape and color women’s beach bags.

Summer 2013 favorites are:

  1. Knitted beach bag. Once upon a time, beach knitted bags were considered ugly and boring. Today, new collections present their complete opposites: juicy drawings and prints have come to replace their prototypes. And thanks to various ribbons and bows, they are in no way inferior to fabric bags. As for the knitting technique, a crochet beach bag is more suitable for summer. Yarn should be chosen in light and bright colors. A white knitted bag decorated with lace patterns looks especially relevant. Do not lose their popularity and colored bags: yellow, pink, blue and green. This model is also notable for the fact that, in addition to the beach, you can take it both for a walk with friends or shopping, and for work. If you appreciate practicality, turn your attention to crochet beach bags.
  2. Woven beach bags. Naturalness and naturalness are in fashion again. They are somewhat reminiscent of baskets in which grandmothers bring fresh fruit. The same bright, handmade straw beach bags add romance and femininity to the image. Cute and very gentle, they will come in handy not only on the beach, but also on a picnic. The main advantage of straw beach bags is their capacity and ventilation. This accessory will fit all the necessary things: from a wet towel to your favorite comb.
  3. Transparent beach bag, which has not gone out of fashion for several seasons. This is a great option for extraordinary personalities who want to give their image a touch of piquancy. Among the main advantages of this accessory are the original appearance and waterproofness.
  4. Jute beach bags. From other bags for the beach, jute bags are incredibly durable, because the fabric for them is made from shrubs of the linden family. This quality is important, since large beach bags are very often torn at the most inopportune moment, and then you have to carry all the contents in your hands. To prevent this from happening, you should get a beautiful jute bag.

Color and shape of beach bags

In addition to the traditional monochromatic colors, nautical-themed handbags look very fashionable. The main colors are pale turquoise, coral and light blue. If you prefer brighter shades, take a closer look at the poisonous green, lemon and orange colors.

The design of beach bags is also pleasing. Various geometric shapes, such as squares and broken lines, will become the trend of the new season. All patterns are made in strict symmetry and exactly along the contour of the figures. Such bags are often decorated with rhinestones, beads, sequins and other decorative elements.

Regarding the shape, for convenience, beach bags are made square or trapezoidal. Depending on your preferences, you can pick up a nice handbag with both long wide ribbons and short wooden handles.