New brand in Soho portfolio - Camel Active

The history of the German brand Camel Active began in the 70s of the XX century. with the creation of clothing for men. Or rather, from the equipment of the participants in the Camel Trophy international race. The rally took place in extreme conditions of the tropics and desert, so the team members needed special comfortable and reliable clothing and footwear.

The brand name combines two words: «Camel» — exciting adventures and «Active» — ​​the energy of the modern world. The choice of clothing and footwear Camel Active is a symbolic membership in the club of free, purposeful and energetic people.

A year after the presentation of the first Camel Active clothing collection, camel boots were released, followed by bags, watches, socks and other products. The expansion of the brand’s collection and the distribution of Camel Active points of sale across the continent mediated the repositioning of the brand. So in 2000, all sub-brands, in the name of which there was the word camel, united under the trademark Camel Active. The main characteristics that unite all brand products are comfort, manufacturability, functionality. It is these «three pillars» of the brand that are emphasized in Camel Active’s advertising messages, because it is not for nothing that the brand’s motto is «Real Clothes — Real People, Real Stories». Professional stuntmen and rescuers participate in the brand’s advertising campaigns.

Today, Camel Active brand collections are presented in 44 countries of the world, in 14 thousand stores. In Russia, CAMEL ACTIVE is present in retail outlets in 20 cities. Thanks to the current design and the consistently high quality of products, the Camel Active brand is gaining more and more adherents.

The main values ​​of the Camel Active brand are loyalty to tradition combined with the latest fashion trends and technical innovations. The products are designed for open to everything new, active men and women who want to look appropriate and stylish both in an urban environment and while traveling.

The new autumn-winter collection autumn-winter 2020-21 will allow you to comfortably and stylishly meet the autumn bad weather and cold winter both in the city and beyond, go on new adventures to enjoy the unity with nature and outdoor activities to the fullest.